Better Conversations & Coaching

  • USD 4,200

  • classroom only
  • Singapore (Singapore) |
  • Nov, 14th 2022 - Nov, 18th 2022
    • Certificate

    Effective communication is the cornerstone of effective leadership. You simply can’t lead well without it. That’s why every leader at your organization—no matter the level or function—needs to be able to coach, give feedback and ignite better conversations. So how do they do this when many leaders feel ill-equipped to coach? Better Conversations & Coaching is a leadership coaching course that gives leaders the skills and confidence necessary to become master communicators. By working in small groups led by a dedicated mentor, participants at this coaching conversations training will develop a personal communication and coaching style that works for them and their teams.

    Program Benefits

    • Utilize these core skills to improve the effectiveness of their daily conversations
    • Implement these core skills in formal coaching conversations
    • Manage coaching relationships more effectively
    • Adapt their own coaching style as needed
    • Build a results-driven personal development plan
    • Build an awareness of the impact of coaching on the organization’s culture

    Who Should Attend

    Better Conversations & Coaching is designed to improve a leader’s coaching confidence at all levels and functions of an organization. It’s especially suited for:

    • HR professionals looking to transition from tactical managers to strategic business partners
    • Any leader who wants to improve trust, communication and engagement with their team
    • Individuals who want to champion the development of coaching culture within their organization
    • Individuals seeking coaching certification


    Live Online DAYS ONE & TWO | 4 Core Skills

    The Essentials

    • Participants will engage in CCL’s Better Conversations Every Day(TM) experience, where they will learn the four core skills essential for communication and coaching engagements: Listen to Understand, Ask Powerful Questions, Challenge & Support, Establish Next Steps & Accountability.

    Live Online DAYS THREE-FIVE | Put it into Practice

    Learn by Example

    • Work in small groups of four, each paired with an ICF-certified coach.

    Real-World Issues

    • The opportunity to practice real-world coaching and communication challenges makes the learning more applicable than role-playing fictional stories.

    Instant Feedback

    • Structured practice sessions supported by written observation and feedback ensure learning is captured.

    Goal Planning

    • Develop a results-driven action plan and list of personal goals before going home on Day 3.


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