Fintech: Frameworks, Applications, and Strategies (Online)

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The disruption at the crossroads of financial services and digital innovation offers business visionaries the green light to revolutionize the way consumers, investors, and the global banking industry create, manage, and exchange assets. But to drive this fintech revolution, you must be comfortable in the fintech landscape and ready to execute the maneuvers that take your company from traditional to digital, from startup to scale. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, mobile payment, and other fintech innovations offer financial services companies the opportunity to improve operations and customer experience, reduce inefficiencies, and increase revenue.

This program goes deep on both the financial considerations and the technological. You will learn to identify emerging trends and opportunities, the skills required to launch a fintech startup, and the key components of a successful fintech investment so that you and your company can thrive in the Fintech Revolution.

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Understand the trends, insights, tools, and technologies driving the fintech revolution

Gain insight into the current fintech ecosystem, including notable fintech companies and the fintech investing community

Analyze how fintech innovations (especially artificial intelligence and machine learning applications) are disrupting traditional banking and financial services, as well as new business models created by fintech disruption

Apply frameworks to identify and evaluate fintech innovation opportunities for your own organization or domain

Create innovative fintech strategies to differentiate your organization in the market or to build successful fintech companies

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for any professional, investor, or fintech enthusiast who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of fintech trends, ecosystems, tools, and methods of executing financial technology innovations. The program will be particularly useful for those in the following roles:

  • Mid- to Senior-level managers and fintech enthusiasts working in banking, investing, real estate, insurance, risk management, regulatory, and other fields in the financial industry
  • CxOs of fintech startups seeking to scale and grow their company by gaining knowledge of the fintech tools that can add value to their enterprise
  • Consultants seeking to create cutting-edge solutions for their clients in the fintech space
  • Anyone interested in a ‘ticket’ for the many lucrative opportunities in today’s hottest industry, whether for leading a fintech function, starting a fintech venture, or investing in fintech ideas

Representative roles include: 

  • Managing Director
  • Consultant
  • VP of Finance
  • COO
  • Co-Founder
  • CTO
  • Product Manager
  • Emerging Technology Advisor
  • VP, Head of Product
  • Finance & Compliance Manager
  • VP, Strategy and Insight


Steven Tadelis
Professor of Economics | Sarin Chair in Leadership and Strategy Business and Public Policy | Economic Analysis and Policy
Shachar Kariv
Visiting Professor Distinguished Teaching Fellow Economic Analysis and Policy
Yaniv Konchitchki
Tenured Associate Professor | Distinguished Teaching Fellow | Faculty Director, UC Berkeley Executive Education's Financial Technology (Fintech) Program | Faculty Director, Center for Financial Reporting & Management Accounting
Christine Parlour
Professor | Sylvan C. Coleman Chair in Finance and Accounting | Distinguished Teaching Fellow Finance

*Program faculty is subject to change


Topic 1 | Introduction and the Fintech Revolution

Topic 2 | The Fintech Ecosystem

Topic 3 |The Economic Foundations of Fintech with Practical Examples

Topic 4 | Key Data Science, with Applications to Real-World Fintech Problems

Topic 5 | Analytics Methods and Tools, with Applications to Real-World Fintech Problems

Topic 6 | Financial Literacy with Fintech Examples

Topic 7 | From a Fintech Idea to Execution

Topic 8 | Improving and Making Fintech Innovation a Success; Lessons from Research and Experts; Course Review


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