Finance for Non-Finance Managers

  • USD 1,500

  • online
  • Australia |
  • Oct, 7th 2022 - Oct, 28th 2022
    • Certificate

    Managers who understand finance are able to engage more confidently with their accounting and finance colleagues, and contribute more effectively to collaborative decision making processes. They are also better qualified to progress to senior executive positions.

    This is a hands-on course using real company data and Excel spreadsheets. Designed for professionals from non-finance backgrounds, this course will equip you with a practical understanding of accounting, finance and value creation.

    Program Benefits

    • Speak the language of accounting and finance
    • Use finance concepts such as cost of capital, net present value and variable cost to assist in managerial decision making
    • Understand the characteristics and limitations of economic success measures such as NPAT, EBIT, ROA and EVA
    • Define the purpose of each financial statement
    • Determine how business activities impact the financial statements, and use statements to identify performance questions
    • Calculate profit, net assets and cash flow for a business

    Who Should Attend

    • Managers in any disciplinary background (outside of the finance function).
    • Non-finance specialists, including lawyers, engineers, general managers, operations managers, project managers, IT managers, HR managers, business analysts, marketing and sales managers, company directors, entrepreneurs, NGO/NFP workers.


    Jennifer Harrison

    *Program faculty is subject to change


    Face to Face

    Day 1: Key principles and financial statements

    • Jargon busting
    • Foundational accounting principles
    • Understanding the financial statements and key links between them
    • Income statement in depth
    • Balance sheet in depth
    • Cash flow statement in depth
    • Case company and Excel exercises

    Day 2: Creating value in practice

    • Financial ratios in context
    • Top 20 financial metrics
    • Unpacking raw metrics with the Du Pont identities
    • How value is created or destroyed
    • Role of financial leverage and capital structure
    • Cost of capital calculations (WACC)
    • Connecting execution and strategy through the language of finance
    • Return on Invested Capital
    • Net Present Value

    Virtual Learning

    Week 1: The Financial Statements

    • Jargon busting
    • Foundational accounting principles
    • Overview of financial accounting
    • Cash vs profit
    • How business transactions are reflected in the financial statements
    • Key links between the financial statements

    Week 2: Financial Ratios and Analysis

    • Using financial statements to analyse business performance
    • Profitability, turnover, and leverage
    • How business models and strategy are reflected in the ratios
    • Investment analysis and credit analysis
    • Identifying trends and comparative analysis

    Week 3: Management Reporting and Budgeting

    • Management reporting: budget vs actual vs forecast
    • Cash cost and full cost. How to determine break even?
    • Budgeting cycle and methods
    • Rolling budgets and variance analysis
    • Translating operational constraints and objectives into the budget
    • Budgeting simulation

    Week 4: Financial Decision Making for Value Creation

    • The cost of capital
    • Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
    • Book value and market value
    • Incorporating the cost of capital in day to day operational decisions
    • Working capital management
    • Closing the loop: Using the financial statements to understand value creation


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