Global CEO Program

  • USD 49,000

  • classroom only
  • China (Shanghai) | United States (Philadelphia) |
  • Nov, 1st 2022 - Apr, 1st 2023
    • Certificate

    s CEO, you are charged with defining the vision, direction and strategy of your enterprise to meet tomorrow's challenges head on. The Global CEO Program offers you the rare opportunity to step back, rethink your approach and reflect on actions geared to your organization's needs for greater global leverage. The program is delivered together with the Wharton School and China Europe International Business School.

    Program Benefits

    • Integrative thinking Develop a clear view of the future of your company and set its long-term direction in the global competitive context. 
    • Innovation mind-set Enhance your entrepreneurial faculties, spot the global trends and connect the dots to capitalizing on technology, resources and talent. 
    • Decision analysis Make swift decisions with incomplete knowledge and in uncertain environments, melding your big picture vision with your executive team's expertise 
    • Change competency Be a driver of change. Identify, select and build the macro-framework and change agents to build better processes and systems. 
    • Negotiating and influencing Interact with a broad spectrum of stakeholders with deftness and versatility. 
    • Communication Articulate your company's vision, its values and its mission - setting an example and becoming a source of inspiration. 
    • Self Management With a heightened sense of humility, be better attuned to listening and learning from what is happening in the global environment. 
    • Governance Drive your organization in one direction, building a legacy that will allow your business to thrive for decades to come.

    Who Should Attend

    Typical GCP participants will be major corporate decision-makers with over 20 years of general management experience, including: 

    • Board Member 
    • President 
    • Owner 
    • Chief Executive Officer 
    • Chief Operationing Officer 
    • Chief Financial Officer 
    • Chief Marketing Officer 
    • Chief Technology Officer


    Mireia Giné
    Assistant Professor of Financial Management
    Marc Sachon
    Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management
    Pankaj Ghemawat
    Professor of Strategic Management

    *Program faculty is subject to change


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