Management Development Program: Leading in the Digital Age

  • USD 39,950

  • blended
  • United States (Charlottesville) | and Online
  • Oct, 16th 2022 - May, 5th 2023
    • Certificate

    Formerly known as the Management Development Program, Innovative Management in the Digital Age will help you gain an enterprise perspective to make more informed, strategic decisions for driving organizational growth and transformation. Innovative Management in the Digital Age is designed for high-potential, experienced managers who demonstrate the capability to lead at the highest levels. Virtual and in-person modules, a digital transformation project, and a cross-functional, enterprise perspective of management make this a powerful next step in your leadership development. It's a six-month, integrated learning experience carefully engineered to create an immediate impact.

    Program Benefits

    • Develop a 360° view of your organization, gauging impact of external forces in achieving business objectives. 
    • Lead, innovate and navigate through ambiguity, considering impact to the entire organization. 
    • Leverage digital technology and data analytics to improve processes, creating greater value through innovative thinking and actions.
    • Understand the interconnection between strategy and financial performance, examining how and why key metrics link to organizational strategy. 
    • Identify and seize strategic opportunities to drive change and growth. 
    • Effectively engage with and influence stakeholders to create alignment around new strategic initiatives. 
    • Cultivate a high-performance culture within your organization. 
    • Supercharge your personal and professional development in tandem with that of your organization.

    Who Should Attend

    This program is designed for mid- to senior-level managers who are undertaking more cross-functional leadership roles at the executive level.


    Assistant Professor of Business Administration
    Associate Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business; Kluge Endowed Chair, UVA School of Nursing
    Associate Dean of the MBA for Executives Program; Associate Professor of Business Administration
    Associate Professor of Business Administration

    *Program faculty is subject to change


    Module 1 - Self-Paced Virtual Module

    Strengthening Your Core

    • Work weekly to prepare for the extended learning journey. Plan for approximately 1 hour per week.
    • Hone your financial literacy
    • Build on the foundations of strategy to expand your ability to think more strategically and analytically
    • Improve your decision quality with data analytics
    • Learn to communicate more effectively to create organizational alignment
    • Leverage customer insights to identify unmet needs and create competitive advantage
    • Assess the competitive position of your own organization

    Module 2 - In-person Immersion 

    Integrating and Applying

    • Integrate learnings from virtual core module
    • Challenge assumptions & learn the power of data visualization
    • Leverage data analytics to drive change
    • Learn the principles of a digital transformation strategy
    • Prepare for your virtual team project

    Module 3 - Virtual

    Business Challenge Project

    If your organization is bringing a team, ask about working together to analyze your own company around a strategic challenge or opportunity

    • Design a challenge project working virtually with your team
    • Collaborate with a faculty mentor to develop your team's approach
    • Intersperse working sessions with synchronous updates on current digital transformation and/or other strategy concepts
    • Learn the finer points of working effectively across virtual teams

    Module 4 - In-person Immersion 

    Putting Plans Into Action

    • Formulate more persuasive presentations that effectively influence and align stakeholders
    • Master digital strategy concepts like blockchain, cybersecurity, AI and machine learning
    • Mobilize your team to drive exceptional results
    • Envision how digital disruption and advanced analytics can be leveraged as an advantage for your organization
    • Develop confidence in the quality of your decision-making
    • Take advantage of individual coaching to identify your personal strengths and leadership style


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