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To build a future-proof organisation, you must have strategic knowledge to make the right decisions. Learn how to help lead your organisations with renewed strategic leadership skills, insights and tools for strategic decision-making in the high-impact, three-day Make Strategy Work programme at RSM.

Good strategy comes first

In the most effective organisations, strategy is understood and implemented by people at every level and in every department. Discover how this works and how you can make your strategy work during this programme by RSM Executive Education. Taught by Prof.  Justin Jansen and Dr Tom Mom, experienced executive education teachers in this area, you will experience the influence of critical organisational factors, and gain insights, tools and techniques that you can put into practice immediately.

Program Benefits

During the programme, you will:

  • Boost your knowledge of strategy formulation and implementation
  • Understand your role in making strategy work for your organisation
  • Discover the internal and external factors which influence strategic decision-making
  • Learn what strategy and strategic leadership is, and what it isn’t
  • Acquire tools to adapt company-level strategy to your own department level
  • Learn to communicate strategy in a meaningful and relevant way to your employees
  • Understand when to amend and change strategy in the light of changing circumstances.


Your organisation will:

  • Benefit from the applications of your learnings on current projects
  • Leverage the interactions and insights acquired in the workshop
  • Access your advanced management and leadership skills to realise its objectives.


Who Should Attend

RSM’s Make Strategy Work programme is for managers who:

  • have five to ten years of experience in people management
  • are responsible for teams, organisations and businesses
  • need to refresh or upgrade their capabilities in the area of strategy formulation and implementation.

You will also benefit from the programme if you expect to move into more senior positions where strategic thinking will be in increasing demand to tackle challenging leadership issues.

You should comply with the following requirements if you wish to take part in the Make Strategy Work programme:

  • You have a minimum of 5 years of managerial experience
  • You have budget responsibility and have financial impact in your organisation
  • You have responsibility in the strategic decision-making process in your organisation.


Prof. dr Justin Jansen
Professor of Corporate Entrepreneurship at RSM
Prof. dr Tom Mom
Professor of Strategic Growth and Implementation at RSM.
Prof. Patrick Reinmoeller
Associate Professor of Strategic Management at RSM.
Dr Magdalena Cholakova
Assistant Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship in the Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship at RSM.

*Program faculty is subject to change


Strategic thinking

  • Our world and your organisation
  • Exploring the context: tools and techniques

Strategic change

  • Challenges and solutions
  • Exploring initiatives: tools and techniques

Leading execution

  • Implementing new strategy
  • Exploring advanced management and leadership capabilities: tools and techniques 


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