Boston Business School


What sets Boston Business School apart is its first-class and practicable  executive education and consulting based on global knowledge – all specially designed for managers. Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, with its European headquarters in Küsnacht / Zurich, Switzerland, Boston Business School thus represents the notion of holistic and integrated management, which combines American know-how and pragmatism with a European knowledge culture to form a results and solution-oriented approach to management.

Moreover, we pay special attention to Asia because there is enormous potential for growth and intercontinental business ties, which require a high degree of intercultural and managerial knowledge from both sides: Competencies you can acquire from us thanks to our business mission, which is based on the following four principles:

  • Clear focus on management development in the private and public sectors
  • Constant drive toward quality and customer satisfaction
  • Unbiased use of the latest global knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of executives, managers and leaders
  • Efficient knowledge transfer using on-site as well as distance learning techniques

At Boston Business School we analyze these research findings and observe their impact on business. We then translate them into practical know-how for real-life management situations. Our research system is supported by strategic alliances with reputable institutions and knowledge partners in Europe, North America and the Asian-Pacific region. We use this global knowledge network, combined with actual experiences, to build a world-class curriculum.

Boston Business School concentrates exclusively on the demanding needs of top management, executives, managers, and potential managers from both large corporations and medium-sized companies. For you, we want to be the consulting and executive education partner from whom you expect high levels of competence and high standards; the partner continually searching for tailored solutions and unconditionally committed to your success.