Business Communications - The Basics

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The Business and Professional Communications for Success program will provide learners with the essential knowledge of effective business communications to aid in their company’s success. Learners will create appropriate business messages through business letters and messaging and apply proper business communications techniques and business writing techniques. Learners will examine the basics of business communication while working in diverse business environments with diverse team members. This program also examines the various types of business presentations in the work environment. It allows learners to apply their knowledge to create and present their work for internal and external communication.

Learners will engage with the fundamentals of business communication. Learners will discover different communication styles and how to address them in a business setting. Learners will also assess their listening styles and emotional intelligence and how both can affect their communication skills.


If you are enrolled in the verified track (paid track) in any course that is a part of a MicroBachelors program, including this course, you are eligible for coaching at no additional cost. Please note that coaching is only available via SMS to U.S. phone lines.

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Program Benefits

  • By the end of this course learners will be able to:
  •  Define communication
  •  Examine the communication principles
  •  Identify the Communication Model
  •  Identify ways to effectively listen
  •  Identify their communication style
  •  Examine Emotional Intelligence and its use in communication


Debora Sepich

*Program faculty is subject to change