Getting Leaders Ready for What's Next Having an insufficient level of ready talent to lead faster, more agile organizations is one of the most significant strategic and operational risks for organizations today. Whether the need is building fundamentals or preparing for the unknown, at Duke Corporate Education, we offer solutions grounded in your challenges. Our leadership offerings enable your leaders to adapt and move the organization forward.

We design and deliver leadership development in your context, customized for your challenges and your level of leaders. Our focused offerings bring deep experience and content in key areas to meet your leaders' needs in your organization, online or on campus. As the challenges facing leaders continue to change, organizations also need to update and align their leadership models, development strategy and suite of programs.

We provide advisory services to help organizations create, align and refresh their offerings to ensure greatest impact and efficiency. Duke CE is networked to deliver the right expertise and right fit at the right time.

Designing and delivering solutions that push the boundaries and have real impact require that we have access to a diverse, globally distributed set of resources. Duke CE has a well-developed, unique capability to bring the right educational resources to fit the solution. We regularly work with four hundred top faculty, facilitators, executives and coaches from around the world, as well as with unique experience providers with diverse specializations.

We work with you to select people who have the expertise, fit, and passion for guiding and challenging your leaders. These people are carefully selected and vetted for their fit as well as their ability to collaborate and customize.

Since our founding in 2000, more than 1500 educators have joined the network and taught in Duke CE programs. Below are a few of our exemplary educators from around the world.