Inspirational Leadership

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As a high-potential executive taking on greater responsibilities, you want to learn the skills that will make you a more effective leader. You need to be able to bring out the best in others to build personal and team success. Learning Leadership provides you with the essential tools to understand your own leadership style, and build stronger relationships with your team.

The course includes both theoretical and practical learning, helping you master new ways to approach challenges and overcome obstacles in your own professional context. You will upgrade your power to influence and persuade through dialogue and negotiation. The new insights and skills you develop will impact your team's performance - and your own success.

Program Benefits

  • Get to know your leadership styles, your strengths and weaknesses
  • Build the strong team bonds you need to become a more successful leader
  • Manage conflict and clear away obstacles to facilitate teamwork
  • Develop resilience so that you can achieve your long-term goals


George Kohlrieser
PROGRAM DIRECTOR; Professor - Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

*Program faculty is subject to change


Unit 1: Why am I here?

  • Meet other participants and enhance your understanding of who you are, how you are perceived and how you operate as a leader.
  • Review your 360 feedback report and reflect on your successes and challenges as a leader.
  • Learn the behaviors of high-performing leaders.

Unit 2: Leading myself

  • Consider how you as a leader and your relationship with team members relate to engagement.
  • Discuss your 360 feedback with your coach. Look at types of motivation and discuss how leaders manage their internal state.
  • Learn about leading from your mind’s eye and training your brain.

Unit 3: Leading others

  • Discover practical ideas and tools that can help with leadership.
  • Examine the importance of building bonds to successful leadership and look at how to engage and influence others.
  • Learn how to have difficult conversations and prepare for a challenging interaction you are facing at work.

Unit 4: Leading teams

  • Reflect on the way leadership styles affect teams and on the leadership impact you want to have.
  • Learn about blocks to dialogue that can reduce effective teamwork.
  • Analyze a team meeting and your own team’s dynamics as they relate to a culture of high performance.

Unit 5: Managing conflicts

  • Learn to manage conflict and challenge the idea that conflict is fundamentally negative.
  • Observe and discuss conflict situations and identify constructive strategies for handling them.
  • Reflect on sources of conflict in your current professional context.

Unit 6: Leader as coach

  • Consider the idea that leaders must be able to coach others to develop their potential.
  • Look at the concept of continuous learning and whether talent is innate or learned.
  • Observe, prepare for and then conduct a coaching session.

Unit 7: Developing resilience

  • Learn how to build resilience, overcome setbacks and weather storms.
  • Think about sources of stress and discover strategies for coping with them.
  • Identify personal stressors and learn to manage your own stress and work-life integration with your group.

Unit 8: The road ahead

  • Review lessons from the whole program, decide how to keep learning and your own action plan for the road ahead.
  • Check that you have submitted all assignments, including your weekly learning journals, to show how you’ve applied your learning to your professional context.


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