Berkeley-Haas attracts a different kind of leader. We serve leaders and organizations who aspire to redefine the future of business. Our profound and unique learning experiences, led by renowned UC Berkeley faculty, equip global executives and their organizations with the vision, culture, and capabilities to thrive in an ever-changing world.

UC Berkeley Executive Education leverages the best resources of the world's #1 public university and the surrounding business ecosystem, and embraces the Haas mission to develop leaders who Question the Status Quo, exhibit Confidence Without Attitude, are Students Always, and think Beyond Themselves. Experience some of the most profoundly impactful executive programs available to companies and business leaders today.

At Berkeley Haas, we believe that a fundamental step in redefining the business leader is to get our culture right, because this culture encourages students to develop the mindset and behaviors of innovative leaders.

Across every dimension, Haas students, faculty, and staff are characterized by the high quality of their work, their exceptional talents and creativity, their diversity of experience, and their commitment to inclusiveness.

Applicants select Berkeley Haas in order to join a diverse global community of people who use the tools of business to make a positive impact. Once here, our students work with and alongside others who embrace our Defining Leadership Principles—and see how their role is to contribute to a larger purpose.