High-Performance Negotiator - ONLINE

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  • Oct, 27th 2021 - Oct, 29th 2021
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Senior executives need exceptional negotiating skills for the highest-profile decisions and for the daily demands of the workplace. This four-day program looks at a range of issues, from multicultural negotiations, to ethical dilemmas in negotiations, to negotiating in deal-making situations. You will carry out a methodical self-assessment of your negotiating style, identifying your strengths and your potential areas for improvement. Emerge with the advanced preparation and solid framework to go from a good negotiator to a great one.

Program Benefits

  • Learn about the principles of negotiation in different business contexts. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the negotiation process and improve your ability to negotiate in collaborative and competitive situations. 
  • Foster more effective relationships through the ability to analyze counterparts in different cultures and emotional levels. 
  • Explore the ethical dilemmas you may face in a negotiation process. 
  • Develop a solid framework to succeed in complex negotiation situations.

Who Should Attend

The "High-Performance and Creative Negotiation Strategies" program has been designed for professionals whose positions require them to negotiate on a regular basis, such as: 

  • senior business executives 
  • entrepreneurs 
  • functional managers and counselors 
  • managers of family-owned firms 
  • mediators 
  • investors 
  • public administration officials 
  • and responsibles for managing complex national and multinational negotiations.


Kandarp Mehta
Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Negotiation Teaching Unit
Juan Roure
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Negotiation Teaching Unit
Guido Stein
Professor of Managing People in Organizations and Negotiation Teaching Unit

*Program faculty is subject to change


The “High-Performance Negotiator” program will tackle the following topics:

  • The Principles of Negotiation: Theory and Implementation in Different Business Contexts
  • The Negotiation Process: How to Identify Phases and
  • Avoid Incoherencies
  • Cooperative-Competitive Tension
  • Benefits of Cooperative Negotiation, Also Known
  • as Coopetition
  • Understanding Different Negotiation Styles and Using
  • Them to Your Advantage
  • Benefits of Creative and Collaborative Negotiation
  • Negotiation Deadlocks: Breaking the Blockade
  • Negotiation Teams: Implications in the
  • Negotiation Process
  • Internal Negotiation: Avoiding Conflict and Seeking
  • the Common Good
  • Multi-Party Negotiation: How to Manage Complexity
  • and Control the Dynamics.
  • Navigating Cultural Differences in the Negotiation Process
  • Considerations in Face-to-Face Versus Virtual Contexts
  • Framework for a Personal Improvement Plan


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