McGill Certified Agile and SCRUM Master (MCASM)

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  • Mar, 2022 - Mar, 2022
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Agile project management is a value-driven approach that focuses on continuous improvement, agility, team input and delivering quality products and services on time and on budget.

Participants will learn about the application of this iterative development methodology to products, solutions and software development.

Once the seminar is complete participants will be able to materialize their learning by completing an online exam to be a McGill Certified Agile and SCRUM Master (MCASM).

Program Benefits

  • Understand and use Agile and SCRUM principles
  • Understand when to apply iterative project management techniques
  • Set up and manage a SCRUM- based or Agile project
  • Initiate the project with the relevant tools
  • Plan and estimate projects and sprints (project iterations)
  • Understand how to scale SCRUM for small to large projects
  • Understand how to review project outcomes and plan releases

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for managers or team leaders at all levels interested in fast-paced and iterative product or service development. Any of these participants will benefit from early adoption of these competitive methods.


 Agile Manifesto and Principles

  • History
  • Difference between traditional waterfall project management and Agile
  • Multi generational product plan
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Who is using Agile and SCRUM?

 SCRUM Principles

  • Self-control, collaboration, and prioritization
  • Time boxing and iterative development
  • Lean and Agile comparison

 Iterative Project Management Conditions

  • Key conditions
  • Modularization and design structure matrix

 Project Management Roles

  • Product owner
  • Project team and profiles
  • Scrum master
  • RACI

 Setting up and managing a SCRUM project

  • Overall phases
  • Visual management
  • Kanban and pull principle
  • Risk management cycle

Initiation of the project – tools

  • Project vision
  • SCRUM team selection and support
  • Develop the epics
  • Prioritized product backlog and its management
  • Kano Model and MoSCoW
  • Planning the release

 Planning and estimating tools

  • Writieuser stories
  • Define acceptance criteria definition
  • Enablers identify user stories
  • Test strategies and levels
  • Benefit of using personas
  • User stories estimation techniques
  • Critical path management
  • Critical chain optimization technique
  • Approval and breakdown into tasks

 Implementing and reviewing tools

  • Sprint process
  • Team interactions and daily management standups (SCRUM meeting)
  • Three fundamental questions
  • The SCRUM board and visual management
  • Metrics, burndown chart, Kanban board
  • Rapid prototyping

 Release planning tools

  • Sprint review
  • Acceptance and rejection management
  • Lessons learned sessions (retrospect)
  • Release planning schedule
  • Plan for the next cycle and integrate plan

 McGill Certified Agile and SCRUM Master (MCASM) © Exam

  • Administered online 2 weeks post-seminar



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