Algorithmic Business Thinking: Hacking Code to Create Value

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  • Mar, 2nd 2022 - Apr, 20th 2022
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When we think about building the organizations, institutions, and society of the future, we invariably look to technology to lend a hand. Indeed, our visions of tomorrow are shaped by innovations delivered by algorithms currently powering many aspects of our life and work. To successfully lead organizations in the digital economy, we must upgrade the way we think about, communicate around, and act upon technology in our companies. Today’s organizations need more translators who can convert computer science to business value and who can help their teams share a common language across all business functions, both technical and non-technical.

Algorithmic Business Thinking is designed to help you understand and apply key concepts that lie at the heart of transformative technologies to your corporate and people strategies. Over the course of the six weeks, faculty will pull back the “curtain” to show you how algorithms and the technologies on which they are based are built, how they work, and how you can use them across your business. While this program will introduce some basic coding principles, this program is less about how to code and more about illuminating the building blocks of algorithms, so that you can re-use those same building blocks to create new business value.

You will walk away from this program with a practical playbook to help you and your teams apply Algorithmic Business Thinking in your organization wherever and whenever it’s useful.

Program Benefits

  • The role that code, algorithms, and data play in our lives and society
  • How we can use the principles at the heart of disruptive technologies such as AI, ML, and robotics to futureproof organizations and turn disruption into opportunities for sustainable growth
  • The way your technology teams see the world as compared to how business leaders see it-and how to better connect the two
  • How to avoid potential obstacles posed by new technologies
  • The need for becoming a technology “presentist” rather than futurist in your organization
  • Ways to recalibrate your Human and Machine relationship to fit the work you need to get done

Who Should Attend

Algorithmic Business Thinking helps all levels of management, across all business functions, act as translators between computer science and business value in their organization. Whether you are a board member, senior executive, director, manager, employee, employer, or entrepreneur, this program offers you an opportunity to more effectively convert the potential of transformative technology into practical business action and value.

This online program is also designed to benefit those responsible for or participating in the design and delivery of AI and other transformative technology initiatives in any industry. Equally, this program is impactful for CLO, CHRO, and senior HR leaders and managers responsible for people strategies in their organization.

Whether you are currently in a technical or non-technical function, if you are looking to support your organization’s digital transformation, or simply looking to orient yourself to key principles of the digital economy, this program is for you.


Deborah Ancona
Seley Distinguished Professor of Management; Professor of Organization Studies; Faculty Director, MIT Leadership Center
Fiona Murray
Associate Dean For Innovation
Thomas Malone
Patrick J. McGovern (1959) Professor of Management
Cynthia Breazeal

*Program faculty is subject to change


Orientation Module: Welcome to your program

Module 1: Algorithmic Business Thinking

· Unit 1: Moving through a Technology Chessboard

· Unit 2: Defining Algorithmic Business Thinking

· Unit 3: Building Blocks and Cornerstones

· Unit 4: Speaking Digitally

Module 2: Coding for Executives

· Unit 1: Introduction to Algorithms

· Unit 2: Introduction to Writing Algorithms (not actually writing them)

· Unit 3: Introduction to Running Algorithms

· Unit 4: Intro to Improving Algorithms

Module 3: Double Helix: An evolving Human & Machines partnership

· Unit 1: Double Helix and Key Algorithmic Genes

· Unit 2: Paradox of Partnership

· Unit 3: Human and Algorithmic Bias

· Unit 4: Double Helix for Evolution

Module 4: Algorithmic Business Thinking in Action

· Unit 1: Framing Problems

· Unit 2: Periodic Table of Digital Elements

· Unit 3: ABT and the Future of Work

· Unit 4: Putting ABT to work

Module 5: Applying ABT in your Organization

· Unit 1: Creating your future today

· Unit 2: Leadership Approaches

· Unit 3: Managing with ABT

· Unit 4: Using ABT today

Module 6: Algorithmic Business Thinking: Today and Tomorrow

· Unit 1: Creating your future today: 3E Model

· Unit 2: Humans and Machines: Superminds

· Unit 3: Packing and Unpacking your ABT Suitcase: Toolkit and Mindset:

· Unit 4: Thank you


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