Communications Excellence (Classroom)

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  • Nov, 7th 2022 - Nov, 8th 2022
    • Certificate

    Leadership and communication are imperative for today’s executive. Whether it be in meetings, town halls, or presentations, the day-to-day of a modern business leader is enmeshed with moments of interpersonal communication. The Communications Excellence program equips you with a guidebook on effective communication that will activate your inner confidence as a leader and empower you to influence business.

    Throughout this communication skills training, you will discover the importance of communication skills and its relationship to powerful leadership, which will empower you to ditch your fear of public speaking and develop your presentation skills.

    Transcend elemental business communication to excel as a business leader and deliver palpable results. 

    Program Benefits


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    Evolve Your Personal Communication Style

    Develop personal success strategies to advance business communications uniquely suited to you and your business. Build effective communication skills to use together with active listening.


    Interact with Clear Intent

    Identify your business goals and learn how to tailor your communications through verbal, nonverbal, or communications tools, such as presentations and PowerPoint, to deliver results.


    Establish Your Confidence and Leadership Presence

    Leverage your breath, body, and voice to maximize your impact and presence during your business communications and presentations. Through excessive practice, you will master how to seamlessly integrate each element of effective communication.


    Craft and Deliver a Truly Memorable Pitch

    Learn how to create a memorable pitch that articulates your message and connects your audience with a message that is authentic, clear, and powerful.


    Master Advanced Presentation Skills

    Recognize when something is not working and know instantly how to fix it by making internal and external adjustments based on high-level skills you rehearse and practice.

    Who Should Attend

    • Senior leadership executives and high-potential professionals in Business Development, Sales, and Marketing Teams
    • Professionals in leadership roles at Nonprofit and Service Organizations
    • Web Developers and Engineers 
    • Entrepreneurs seeking to develop profound leadership communications skills


    Adam Leipzig
    Lecturer; Persuasive Communication & Interpersonal Dynamics
    Penny Kreitzer
    Professional Faculty Member, Haas School of Business
    Richard Freishtat
    Vice President of Curriculum, Berkeley Executive Education

    *Program faculty is subject to change


    Topic 1 | The Science of the Message Part 1: Verbal and Nonverbal Skills

    • Principles of persuasive storytelling

    • Negotiation to add value and as a relationship-building tool

    • Fundamental concepts to use in every negotiation

    • Psychology of negotiation

    • Common negotiation mistakes

    • Ladder of Abstraction


    Topic 2 | The Science of the Message Part 2: Focus on Brain, Breath, and Body

    • The empirical principles of persuasion

    • Presentation organization: the ladder of abstraction

    • Anticipation and answering disruptive questions

    • The importance of centering

    • Breath & voice exercises


    Topic 3 | Persuasive Storytelling Strategies: Using the Senses

    • Create an effective opening for a compelling story

    • How to use all the senses to engage audiences


    Topic 4 | Persuasive Storytelling Strategies: Using Data

    • How to organize content and use data for clarity and impact

    • Visual aids and PowerPoint best practices for success


    Topic 5 | Giving & Receiving Feedback

    • How to receive and use feedback

    • How to provide effective feedback


    Topic 6 | Virtual Pitch Skills

    • Understand the differences between virtual and in-person presentations

    • Best practices for virtual presentations


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