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Patents are legal documents which provide the basis of an invention and the extent to which rights are covered in relation to an invention. One of the indicators for a country's innovative ability is patenting index and patents are considered to be the highest in the innovative index. Search for patent information is undertaken for various purposes. Understanding technology trends, gaining an insight into lead technologies, forming a part of literature search before embarking on R&D, determining patentability of an invention, freedom to operate searches before product entry into market are some of the predominant reasons for patent search. The need for customised products, rapid production and global marketing necessitates scouting for technologies worldwide. Skilled patent professionals are a requirement for any successful organisation. The past decade has also witnessed the growth of IP filing from academia as well. Patent search is an important component of literature search for identification of new areas of innovation. Objectives of the course: This course will focus on providing the students/participants. To develop skills to conduct patent search and analysis.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Students belonging to Engineering and Science streams, LL.B in IP Law, LL.B, Masters in IP Law, PG Diploma in IP LawPREREQUISITES: NilINDUSTRY SUPPORT: All technical industries, law firms



*Program faculty is subject to change


Week 1: Inventions and Patent Eligibility Patentability criteria for inventions Prior Art categories Disclosure Norms Patent Specification Description and Claims

Week 2: How to read a patent document - Patent Anatomy Introduction to Patent search Fundamentals of Patent Search Fields for Search -Keyword Search -Classification Search  IPC, CPC, USPC, F term -Combination Search -Concept based search

Week 3: Public search databases IPO EPO USPTO Patent Scope Subscribed databases search Differences between public search and subscribed database search

Week 4: Types of Patent search Patentability Search Validity Search

Week 5: Types of Patent search Patent Landscape Search Clearance Search Advantages and Limitations of each type of search

Week 6: Analysis of Patent Search with illustration (examples from different technology areas)

Week 7: Patent landscape analysis

Week 8: Value of Patent Search and analysis