Innovative Product Leadership: The Emerging Chief Product Officer

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Today’s chief product officers have more responsibilities, impact, and influence than ever before. With the product function growing in importance, product managers striving to reach the C-suite need to think and lead more strategically. Innovative Product Leadership: The Emerging Chief Product Officer helps prepare you for this highly demanding and desirable role.

This one-week, interdisciplinary program is designed for senior-level product managers with their sights set on becoming a more strategic CPO. Explore which approaches and frameworks will help your organization gain a competitive advantage. Discover how customer insights can inform product development. Learn how to communicate with purpose and exert influence without authority. And develop leadership skills that motivate cross-functional teams to drive product innovation.

Innovative Product Leadership: The Emerging Chief Product Officer combines proven business strategies and a Silicon Valley mindset with a hands-on, real-world product challenge. In this one-day field project, you’ll gain market knowledge, value proposition insights, and pricing strategies to help your company transition from selling what you make to making what you sell.

Program Benefits

  • Learn product management strategies, innovative approaches, and bold leadership required in the C-suite.
  • Develop new tools to strengthen the product management process across larger portfolios.
  • Influence product decision making with the customer at the center.
  • Gain hands-on experience working in the field and on a real-world product challenge.
  • Enhance your internal and external communication skills.
  • Build leadership skills to manage and motivate cross-functional teams.

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced product managers and aspiring chief product officers who are motivated to lead and ignite change in their organizations — from any industry and country
  • Senior-level product managers with at least eight years of product management experience — from any size or stage company
  • Technically-minded product managers seeking business expertise to take on more senior-level strategic roles in the organization


Margaret Ann Neale
The Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emerita
Baba Shiv
The Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing
Jonathan Levav
King Philanthropies Professor of Marketing
Amir Goldberg
Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

*Program faculty is subject to change


Below are just a few of the sessions you’ll attend as part of the program.

Deriving Customer Insights from Data

We live in the age of big data. But data do not speak for themselves. The story they tell needs extracting through careful analysis. In this session, we will discuss the possibilities, and pitfalls, that come with data-driven customer management. We will discuss how data can inform customer segmentation, acquisition and retention. We will primarily focus on how new data types and data analytic techniques help understand the social and cultural processes that mediate between product makers and their customers.

Empathy Mapping

Engaging with people directly can reveal a tremendous amount about what they think and the values they hold. The stories that people tell and the things they say they do — even if they are different from what they actually do — are strong indicators of their deeply held beliefs. Useful products, services and systems are built on a solid understanding of user needs. This session will teach you what to do with the information they share.

Realizing Synergy: Designing and Leading Innovative Teams

Throwing people together and calling them a "team" does not produce a team. Transforming a group of individuals into a high performing team is part of the fabric of leadership. Building on several decades of research, we explore the major challenges of teams who must innovate or solve problems. Teams have three major levers that can enhance a team's capacity to innovate: team composition, member participation, and influence.

We will use the context of a team task to explore the ways in which team members can get their voice heard. In addition, we will identify actionable strategies for structuring teams to improve members' ability to hear and incorporate divergent and minority opinions as they face the challenge of innovation.

Strategic Leadership in Dynamic Environments

In this session, we will examine why it is important to build the strategic leadership of a company and how to do it. We will also discuss some simple analytical tools that strategic leaders can use to get a better understanding of their strategic situation and what they can do about it to increase their organization's transformative and innovative capacities.


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