Tackling the Climate Crisis: Innovation from Cuba

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An unexpected source for inspiration, Cuba has had no choice but to find low-cost ways of dealing with decades of crises, disasters, and emergencies, leading to a unique -thrifty innovation- approach that has achieved remarkable results.

This course explores a new take on innovation to tackle the climate crisis, tracing the evolution of Cuban science and unique solutions through resourceful resilience.

Learn new methodologies and develop skills to innovate

Find out how Cubans have developed strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation, including innovations in food production, protection of coastal areas, coping with rising urban temperatures, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Drawing inspiration from distinctive Cuban methodologies, our academic research and holistic view provides an innovation framework to develop your own appropriate, possible, and actionable solutions to tackle climate change.

This unique 10- microcredential is more than discovering and learning about new innovative ways of tackling the climate crisis. You will be equipped with tools and insights that you can apply to your chosen challenge.

Discover how Cuba's -thrifty innovation- can help develop solutions to climate change challenges

This course looks at what characterises the Cuban approach to innovation as it is applied to different challenges. You'll also learn how you might apply some of the principles to tackling climate change.

You'll discover how Cubans are focusing on natural solutions and community involvement to protect coastal areas and adapt their food system to ensure basic nutritional needs are met. Then, you'll discuss how, in the face of extreme weather events, the Cuban approach to disaster readiness, responsiveness, and recovery (DRRR) has minimised loss of life.

Although Cuba's contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions is miniscule, you'll discover what it can gain from a low-carbon future. You'll also see how its scientists, engineers, and planners are applying -œthrifty innovation- to the challenge.

At the end of the course, having explored different perspectives from Cuba, you'll be invited to share your thoughts and plans for action, using the -œthrifty innovation- framework, alongside your new knowledge and skills, to tackle the climate crisis the Cuban way.

Program Benefits

  • Explain the impacts of climate change on the world’s small island developing states (SIDS), including Cuba
  • Understand the particular characteristics of a “thrifty innovation” approach among a range of possible responses to various climate crisis challenges
  • Identify current approaches being applied to a climate crisis challenge that you are familiar with
  • Recognise the lessons that can be drawn from “thrifty innovation” and the Cuban experience and apply them to your chosen challenge
  • Understand the broader application and principles of creative innovation
  • Develop an appropriate, possible, and actionable response to your climate crisis challenge


Dr James Warren
Emily Morris

*Program faculty is subject to change


  • Innovative thinking
  • Managing risks
  • Cultural understanding
  • Understanding the importance of institutional development
  • Evaluating and managing resources
  • Critical thinking
  • Essential knowledge of developing climate crisis solutions
  • Applied frameworks thinking


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