Advanced Management Programme

  • USD 31,200

  • online
  • France (Fontainebleau) |
  • Oct, 24th 2022 - Nov, 14th 2022
    • Certificate

    Trends, change, strategy, bottom line - these are just some of the factors that govern and have the power to make or break today's businesses. To be successful, leaders need to consider new - and often confronting - ways of thinking, exercising judgement to make decisions and motivating their people. Our Advanced Management Programme is a comprehensive General Management programme designed to help C-Suite leaders build exceptional levels of strategic, high-performance and self-aware leadership skills.

    It also focuses on both your organisational and personal impact as a leader. Leadership is not a destination but a journey. Accordingly, the Advanced Management Programme is designed to be a transformative experience within a life-long leadership and learning journey with close, structured contact over the first year and looser networked contact thereafter.

    Program Benefits

    • Gain global insights. Through real case studies and explorations, your assumptions are challenged and you gain new perspectives. 
    • Sustain actionable knowledge. Harness information you already have into workable action plans. 
    • Achieve greater confidence. Develop confidence in your knowledge by testing your assumptions and making them more robust.

    Who Should Attend

    As the name implies, the Advanced Management Programme attracts those who have attained the very highest standards of business performance: 

    Senior executives such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and heads of product divisions, geographical regions or other major business units within the private or public sectors 

    An average of twelve years' management experience, with at least five years in a senior management position involving clear cross-functional and P&L responsibility.


    Anil Gaba
    Professor of Decision SciencesThe Orpar Chaired Professor of Risk ManagementAcademic Director, Center for Decision Making and Risk Analysis
    Ian Woodward
    Professor of Management Practice
    Antonio Fatas
    Professor of EconomicsThe Portuguese Council Chaired Professor of European StudiesChair, Economics and Political Science Area
    Associate Professor of Technology and Operations Management

    *Program faculty is subject to change


    Strategic leadership, change and unstoppable trends

    The global business world is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and diversity – the VUCAD world. Being an exceptional C-Suite strategic leader in the VUCAD world is the first theme of our Advanced Management Programme content.

    For example leaders ought to consider the sweeping, long-term changes in politics, economics, technology, globalisation, demography, social attributes and talent management when making strategic decisions.

    Some “unstoppable trends” appear to be fairly stable over the long-term, while displaying short-term fluctuation. Other “unstoppable trends” are dynamic and volatile, giving rise to accelerated and disruptive potential changes in every aspect of business and organisations. What are these trends? How might they affect what you would like to accomplish in the short- and long-terms as a strategic senior leader?

    To address these questions, we feature thought leaders who have research-based points of view and supplement their opinions with the collective wisdom of the participants to form robust, practical solutions for the future.

    This includes exploring topics, including:

    • The macro-economy and the geopolitical context

    • The rapid deployment and development of technology together with disruption and innovation

    • Changing customer needs and motivations

    • The demographic shifts in the intergenerational workforce

    • Globally leveraging diversity including cross-cultural diversity

    • Strategic thinking

    • Vision, strategy and business models

    • Engaging and leading change

    • Finance and value creation

    • Fair process

    • Balancing the short- and long-term

    • The global CEO mindset for the 21st century.

    We also use the “Strategic Encounter” process throughout the Advanced Management Programme to bring these issues and their implications into focus in your organisational setting.

    High-performance leadership, stakeholders, engagement and results

    High-performance organisations and teams are characterised by goal clarity and commitment, role complementarity,  effective communication and decision-making processes as well as professional and constructive interpersonal relationships. There is also focus, passion, purpose as well as alignment between vision, culture, systems and people capabilities.

    So, five of the most important and complex roles of the leader are:

    • to help empower the vision

    • to determine and drive the strategy

    • to align the organisation

    • to pursue results consistent with vision, strategy, environment and stakeholder expectations

    • to motivate and engage people in the process.

    This is not solo work – it depends upon tremendous collaboration and engagement with stakeholders. Successful organisational leadership also derives at least partly from being able to manage the expectations of diverse and often competing stakeholder groups. In the Advanced Management Programme, we seek insights about the evolving demands of key stakeholder groups and ask how future senior leaders will trade off competing demands. The key theme of value creation for different stakeholders will be heard often over the programme.

    To understand high-performance leadership, we explore a range of topics or “lenses” relevant to leading in the VUCAD world, including:

    • High-performance and leadership teams

    • High-performance organisational drivers and blockers

    • Aligning and executing vision, strategy, culture, people and systems for organisational performance

    • Effective leadership approaches and communication

    • Engaging talent and people

    • Customers, perceptions and markets

    • Investment, value creation and investors

    • Competitors, collaborators and partners

    • Societal, public and governmental stakeholders

    • Innovation and operational excellence and networking

    • Organisational design

    • Leading continuous change.

    We also use the “Strategic Encounter” and “Personal Leadership Agenda” processes throughout the Advanced Management Programme to bring these issues and their implications into focus in your organisational setting and your own leadership approach.



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