Negotiation and Influence

  • USD 5,040

  • classroom only
  • United States (Berkeley) |
  • Feb, 7th 2023 - Feb, 17th 2023
    • Certificate

    The Negotiation and Influence program is an intensive, interactive three-day course that will help you develop strategies to effectively plan and prepare for negotiations, and show you how to increase your power and influence while maintaining positive relationships. Through a series of challenging, innovative exercises based on today's workplace dynamics you will evaluate your own skills and predispositions, utilize key concepts introduced in the program to hone your performance and gain greater confidence to succeed in the most challenging situations. Led by award winning Haas Lecturer and Social Psychologist, Holly Schroth, Negotiation and Influence focuses on learning by doing. Participants will walk-away with useful strategies that can immediately be incorporated into their job performance and everyday life.

    Program Benefits

    • Fundamental concepts to use in every negotiation and how to prepare 
    • Why you should work towards integrative (value-based) agreements 
    • How to manage a multi-issue negotiation
    • To recognize the importance of observation and the social psychology behind effective negotiation 
    • How to manage conflict and perceived power differences 
    • How to facilitate and manage the entire negotiation process

    Who Should Attend

    Professionals who need to influence others, including those in: 

    • Product management
    • Sales 
    • Marketing
    • Business development
    • Procurement managers and executives


    Holly Schroth

    *Program faculty is subject to change


    Topic 1 | Fundamental Negotiation Concepts

    • Negotiation as a tool to create value and build relationships
    • Fundamental concepts to use in every negotiation
    • The psychology behind the negotiation process
    • Common negotiation mistakes

    Topic 2 | Integrative Negotiations

    • Working towards integrative agreements
    • Strategies for building trust and developing relationships
    • How language impacts a negotiation
    • How to ask questions (and how not to)
    • Uncovering the other party’s interests

    Topic 3 | Multi-Issue Negotiations

    • Strategies and tactics for managing a multi-issue negotiation
    • Understanding and utilizing your negotiation style
    • Working with those who have a different style

    Topic 4 | Influence in Cross-Functional and Virtual Teams

    • Managing informational, procedural, strategic, and social complexities
    • Facilitating the negotiation process (agenda, ground rules, decision rules, etc.)
    • Creating a superordinate goal; why it works
    • Managing the “no agreement alternative” and those who prefer the status quo
    • Using a visual matrix for achieving high quality solutions while gaining team member buy-in

    Topic 5 | Team Based Negotiations and Conflict Management

    • Managing complex team dynamics
    • Benefits of and detriments to negotiating in teams
    • Internal vs. external negotiations
    • Managing conflict and perceived power differences
    • Rebuilding trust and apologies as a source of power


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