Executive Decision Making with Data Science (Online)

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  • May, 2nd 2022 - May, 4th 2022
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Business leaders are tasked with making countless decisions every day – some mundane, some momentous. These decisions can have big repercussions, affecting the survival of businesses or even careers. Despite the prevalence of decision making in business, professionals are rarely given clear preparation or guidance on critical thinking or the right process to make rational decisions.

The Executive Decision Making with Data Science program was designed to provide executives with the essential training in fundamental decision-making skills that will empower them to overcome biases, problem-solve, and adopt data-driven decision making. Central to the program are decision-making strategies that leverage data analysis to make informed decisions.

Professor Don Moore guides participants through the fundamentals of critical decision making; evaluating details to distinguish between crucial and trivial information, recognizing our own biases that can affect judgment, and avoiding potential short-term thinking that could cloud long term decision making. Participants will be equipped with effective tools to apply accurate and reliable information to make sound decisions that enable successful business outcomes.

Join us at the Berkeley Haas campus for our 3-day in-person decision-making training or choose the flexible Exec Ed Lab; a virtual 4-week learning experience that maximizes interaction and collaboration with faculty and groups - wherever you are.

Program Benefits


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Sharpen Your Decision-Making Intuition

Learn how your intuition guides you, and how to overcome the mind traps that can impair effective decision-making.


Harness the Power of Data

Develop the skills to effectively execute data mining and extract crucial information from big data sets to perform analyses. Utilize data analysis to build a solid foundation of evidence and inform better business decisions and strategies.


Apply Advanced Tools & Build Your Confidence

Explore advanced tools (such as pre-mortems) to help you build confidence and think creatively to problem solve in the face of risk and uncertainty.


Enable Sustainability & Long-Term Decision Making

Learn how to anticipate the downstream effects of decisions and maintain critical thinking skills while balancing trade-offs and considering larger business goals.

Who Should Attend

  • New Leaders
  • Senior Leaders and Executives
  • General Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Directors
  • Any business professional who regularly makes decisions that impact the success of their functions or organizations
  • A group of colleagues or team who would like to advance their skills together


Don Moore
Professor, Lorraine Tyson Mitchell, Haas Management of Organizations Group
Juliana Schroeder
Assistant Professor; Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership | Management of Organizations
Robert Strand
Lecturer | Executive Director, Center for Responsible Business Center for Responsible Business
Ned Augenblick
Associate Professor Economic Analysis and Policy

*Program faculty is subject to change


Topic 1 | Thinking Critically About Information

• Distinguishing between trivial and vital data

• Experiments vs. observational data

• A/B testing and experimental design

• Balancing the interests of different stakeholders


Topic 2 | Rational Decision Making

• Tools for rational decision making

• Thinking through uncertainty and probability

• Assessing risk and reward with expected values

• Using pre-mortems to anticipate and prevent future disasters

• Thinking through complex contingencies

• Applying rational tools in complex organizations


Topic 3 | Avoiding Decision Mind Traps

• Biases in judgment and decision making

• Common problems with how people collect, analyze, and interpret data

• Cognitive shortcuts that inhibit the decision-making process

• Short-term thinking that imperils your long-term interests


Topic 4 | Sustainability and Long-Term Decision Making

• Thinking about the larger goals of your business

• Understanding the relationship between sustainability and strategy

• Trading off competing interests

• Anticipating the downstream consequences of your decisions


Topic 5 | Effective Decision Making in Practice

• Changing habits of mind that aren’t serving you

• Changing dysfunctional organizational routines

• Coaching those with whom you work to help them make better decisions

• How effective decision-making strategies affect the qualities of a good leader

• Applying these lessons in daily life


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